Friday, March 20, 2009


Oh Lord... I think I want success too much.  My writing is stalled, my prayer life is stalled, all  I want to do is sleep or zone out.  Yet, more than that, I want the glamor and income of success.  I want thousands of inspired readers.  I want to be able to pay my bills.  I want to have kids.  I have many desires.

Lord, bless me.  Guilde me.  Help me to find You.  Help me to do Your will.  Help me to keep turning to You and to trust in Your mercy and guidence.  


Thursday, March 12, 2009


Is writing a charism for me?  I took a test to help me find where to look for my spiritual gifts and it came up on the top of them.  This is only a indicator of what I might investigate to look for them, prayer and decernment is the only way to know for sure.

Oh Lord, you know I want to serve you.  You know you want to write to bring people to you.  Help me.  Inspire me.  Lead me on the right path with my writing.  Show me what you want me to write.  Give me your Holy Spirit and lead me in your ways.

Help me learn, oh Lord, if writing is a charism, a gift from you.  I love to write, and it will always draw me forward.  I don't know for sure though if is a charism, a gift of the Holy Spirit.  It is my deepest longing to show people you, to make them turn to you, through my writing.  To inspire them with your love and joy, your plan for their life.  It is my desire to share the stories within me to others.  If you wish to give me this gift and use me for more, I am open to it.  If not, I will accept whatever other plan you have for my life.

Regardless, Lord, I want to put my writing in your hands.  My desires, my longing, and my dreams.  Show me the way you wish me to go.